all of the FIGHTS from last night – November 11th, 2021

| nationdan

October 28th was the last time we were able to bring you together with fights to watch. That morning we were together for five fights, today’s iteration has *only* three fights but all three of them are rated 5.4 out of 10 or higher. In your busy day and time, you’re always welcome to read along and click into all of the FIGHTS from last night – November 11th, 2021:

*click the picture for the video of that fight*


Adam Lowry (WPG) vs. Jonah Gadjovich (SJS)

Two guys just getting tired of each other’s existence. Big swinging from both guys and full credit to the linesmen for letting this go a lot longer than the current crop of refs seem to allow.

Feature review: Lowry is far from a shrinking violet, but Gadjovich countered attack for attack. Lowry at times swung too wildly and Gadjovich capitalized on those misses. Gadjovich is a better fighter than I thought. he reminds me a little of a younger Zdeno Chara! – Bruce Simon


Dakota Joshua (STL) vs. Michael McCarron (NSH)

If we could go ahead and get fights like these every night in the NHL, that would be great. McCarron utilized the reach advantage here to keep Joshua at bay. Great go of it here.


Jeremy Lauzon (SEA) vs. Josh Manson (ANA)

The Seattle Kraken continue to lead the way with fights on the season (t-1st w Arizona) and Lauzon making enemies on the Ducks. A big check thrown (end of the video) leads to Manson coming for the response.