2011-12 hockeyfights.com Awards

| David M Singer

We are proud to present our 2011-12 hockeyfights.com Awards.

The annual awards are a collaborative effort by the hockeyfights.com content team; Jon Porus (Merlin401), Josh Kidd (jkidd), and Mike Vellucci (NJDevils17) did the bulk of the work. A wide variety of opinions helped keep us honest and led to some interesting picks; thanks to the entire content team for a job well done.

The profile of the NHL tough guy is changing, and with 2011-12 featuring the fewest fights since the 2006-07 season, the nominations saw more turnover than any other season. I expect many of the votes to be close (read: I disagree with some of the team's picks).

So dive in, cast your vote and have your say!