08-20-21 8am ET – Pound for Pound with John Scott – Georges Laraque

| nationdan

If you’re here before 8am ET Friday, August 20th, check back soon, bookmark the youtube page, and get ready for the premiere of episode 2 of…

The fights you know…

The stories you don’t…

For the continuation of the SMASH HIT, named best series in it’s category of “video series of fighting with John Scott hosting”, we have the Edmonton Oilers nuclear deterrent, the Arizona Coyotes 22 points in 36 games, the Pittsburgh Penguins Crosby Insurance, the Montreal Canadiens hometown hero, Georges Laraque.

The veteran of the fighting major, Big Georges Laraque is one of the best interviews each and every place you hear him. Whether he’s helping out young hockey fans, or he’s busy with his many business ventures, he’s always a great listen. This one is Georges talking the job he did and the job he did well. He continues to be a great ambassador for the game of hockey and this show is no different. Talking some of the biggest fights from his career with John Scott.

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Stay tuned for our future Pound for Pound episodes featuring Ryan Reaves, Steve MacIntyre, and Paul Bissonnette.

Enjoy, and stay safe out there.