The Inaugural HockeyFights Fighter Showdown

| nationdan

I had quite the debate with myself on how to run this and it came down to a simplifying of the rules to have it be a fantasy match-up. Perhaps the players never fought. Perhaps the players in question fought many times before. This “fight” will take place in the hearts and minds of every voter with both players being in their prime of physical and fighting shape. Who do you think will come out on top. It could be as simple for you as “I liked this guy more than this guy” or it could be as complex as you running through the scenario and each guy's style to envision a step-by-step bout for you. Please do respond to the poll on twitter with your reasoning and you too could be featured on the site in one of the recap articles. 

Each day starting on Monday July 23rd we will run a completely scientific poll from the hockeyfights twitter page for a span of 24 hours in which we will list the two players in the hypothetical fight and you vote for who you think will win the fight. 

Then we will advance players and continue on until we have one winner standing above all the rest victorious for the 2018 season. 

The bracket will be available all over (header image here, twitter and instagram) and so we encourage you to fill it out with how you think it should break down. Let us hear who we missed. Who you can't believe we included and who you think will be the king of the castle at the end of the day.