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Cam Janssen: “Let me know when we get pushed around”

Put 'em up: Why aren't the Devils fighting?

“It was more gritty back in the day, way more gritty back in the day,” said Cam Janssen, a Devils fourth-line forward and long-time NHL enforcer. “No doubt about it. But now you’ve got to be smart. You can’t be, ‘Oh, they’re hitting our guys, I gotta go fight everybody.’ You can’t do that.”

You start a fight in the NHL nowadays, you’ll likely end up with an extra 2 minutes in the penalty box for instigating and the other team will get a power play.

DeBoer doesn’t think the Devils, who are a little short on skill players, can win giving teams a bunch of power plays, and they’ve obeyed his message by playing a lot of mostly clean games.