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Ranking the Greatest Peterborough Petes

Who is the greatest Peterborough Pete of all time? Tie Domi punches his way into the conversation

And then the most vivid memory of all happened. A group of young men strutted out onto the court. They were led by a stocky, big-headed man who seemed unfazed by the carnage, stooping down with a big smile to get a better look at each scrap.

“That’s Tie Domi,” people in the crowd murmured, in a hush.

And it that was the first time I ever saw Tie Domi. Strutting across the Memorial Centre floor during a bench clearing brawl.

Think about that? Who else in the entire history of the Peterborough Petes would be able to step out onto the court like that? Who else would even make that attempt?

Tie Domi. The man with the oversized head, unusual name and a body that went against the prototypical look of an NHL heavyweight.

And, perhaps, the greatest Peterborough Pete of all time.