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Shawn Thornton Ready to Drop the Gloves for the Panthers

Former Bruins' toughie Shawn Thornton will protect Panthers teammates

Generally, there’s not much rough stuff in preseason games, as there’s a bit of an unspoken agreement between coaches and players to lay off the fighting and cheap hits.

Apparently, Shawn Thornton, the Panthers latest enforcer-type forward, didn’t get the memo. In the second game of Saturday’s doubleheader against the Nashville Predators, the former Bruins’ toughie decided to send a few messages, not just to the Predators but to his new teammates, that he’s got their backs.

In the first period, Thornton, a veteran of 124 regular-season fights according to, took on Predators forward Rich Klune, also no stranger to the pugilistic side of the sport with 16 tussles last season.