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Adam McQuaid and Bobby Robins Fight in Scrimmage

McQuaid gets dropped in all-around tough night

First, the most important outcome of the Adam McQuaid/Bobby Robins scrap in the third period: McQuaid is okay after getting into his first hockey scuffle since a concussion and blood clot surgery knocked him out of commission for the last eight months.

Robins clocked McQuaid with a strong right hand and dropped the rugged defenseman to the ice in an impressive show of force for the P-Bruins tough guy. 

“He’s okay. I think [McQuaid] was frustrated,” said Claude Julien. “You could see he had a tough night and just frustration built. It was just a hit at the blue line that he wasn’t happy with and he created a fight.

“But he’s fine. I mean it’s one of those things that when things don’t go well they really don’t go well. It got from bad to worse.”