Rinaldo Tags Crombeen, Lecavalier Seeks Retribution on Talbot

| John Chandler

It all comes down to how one interprets “the code”, and lines may have been crossed during FlyersBolts. It's hard to say it doesn't make for some good entertainment, though.

Early on in the game B.J. Crombeen and Zac Rinaldo bumped after a whistle and opted to drop the gloves. They exchanged right hands in a spirited tilt until Rinaldo cracked Crombeen with a punch that crumpled him, sending him towards the ice. Rinaldo added two more while Crombeen was down to a knee and the linesmen stepped in. Crombeen had a tough time getting up and to the box. He was sent to the back for observation and was kept out as a precaution.

The teams exchanged some words afterwards. Later on, a frustrated Vinny Lecavalier tussled with Max Talbot at center ice and the two dropped them. A relatively uneventful scrap took a turn once Talbot hit the ice and Lecavalier snuck in a pair of short punches, likely retaliation for Rinaldo's extra shots on Crombeen.

Rinaldo talked to referee Kelly Sutherland about the end of his fight with Crombeen after he left the penalty box. A mic'd up Rinaldo: