is a proud member of The Nation Network.

The who

The Nation Network is comprised of nine sites at the moment. Daily Faceoff, NHL Numbers, Oilers Nation, The Royal Half, Canucks Army, Flames Nation, Jets Nation, The Leafs Nation, and

The what

We're independently run, and will collaborate together in the future. Content, data, media, pooling our resources on our way to be the powerhouse hockey network.

The how was sold to The Nation Network, and a piece of The Nation Network was nabbed by me. I was the owner. I'm now the new owner, with friends.

The why

This is a tough one. I've been doing this a long time. 15+ years as 20+ years in other forms. I've received many, many offers throughout the years to sell the site. This decision came down to a combination of a few things:

  • It was the right time in my life. My career, my family. I was personally holding the site back from succeeding even more than it has.
  • The right offer. My home office looks like Scrooge McDuck's vault.
  • The right people. The Nation Network crew are great, and their love for hockey and respect for this site is huge.
  • The right future. The dedication and help I'll be getting to continue to grow this site was key.

The when

Dotted lines and such were signed a little while ago, and we've been working together since, more and more every day.

My role

It hasn't really changed. I'll be getting more help, as I mentioned, which is great. An example: for those that don't know, I make every single NHL video we post here. I'll be getting help for that now. This is a minor miracle to me. I'll then be able to focus on the redesign that's been planned for a long time, along with cranking out more content.

What's changing?

Nothing. Everything. As I mentioned, there's a redesign coming. If you love it, it's all part of the old plan. If you hate it, it's those new guys. They suck.

As I also mentioned, we've been final for a little while, and things have continued to be great, so that's the best indicator there is for this being a success.

A word from one of my co-overlords:

When we started in 2007 we thought it would be a merry cheer filled website as the Oilers rolled over their opposition. Instead we have had front row seats at an all-you-can-eat Loss Buffet. We have used our free time to build the Nation Network - 9 sites that should see 60 million visitors in 2015. We consider the community to be one of the most vibrant around. We look forward to working with David to improve the site experience and introduce new types of content. Please hit me up on the twitters @wanyegretz if you have any questions, suggestions or anti-Oilers rants.

Thank you to the content crew that helps this site run for not only looking over this post, but being supportive of everything throughout this process.

- David | @singer | LinkedIn