Chris Simon is quite the enigma.  His teammates and former teammates will vouch for what a good guy and teammate he can be, but once again, he’s at the root of an on-ice incident that will lead to a suspension.

While going back to the benches, Simon stepped on the back of Jarkko Ruutu‘s leg. member StealinUrCar06 has posted a video to YouTube, fellow member pesadillamal slowed it down, and there’s also the Pittsburgh feed.

This is an easy 5-10 game suspension for any player, but with Simon’s history, it’ll most likely turn it into 10-15 games or even longer.

Laraque’s intentions

In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Penguins revel in Laraque’s presence, Georges Laraque talks about what was behind sliding into Biron, and what it cost him.

“Crosby shouldn’t fight anyone because he’s the best player in the world, so right away when that happened, I was thinking about ways to show [Biron] we didn’t like it,” Laraque recalled yesterday after the Penguins practiced at Southpointe.

“I wanted to do it more in a comical way. I wanted to do it just to provoke, not with intent to injure, so I wouldn’t get suspended.”

Fedoruk’s Duck departure disputed

The Star Tribune has a few quotes from Todd Fedoruk about leaving the Ducks, including what he was told the reason was.

Last season, Burke told the Star Tribune that Fedoruk “refused to sign a contract extension,” so he traded him. “That’s not true,” Fedoruk said.

After Fedoruk was injured in a fight with now-teammate Derek Boogaard, “they needed a heavyweight. They couldn’t go three months without one, [so they traded for George Parros]. At least, that’s what Burkie told me. Had nothing to do with money.”

Reich’s first

Jeremy Reich scored his first goal last night.

Videos added

Jared Boll vs Milan Lucic Dec 15, 2007
Jason Jaffray vs Steve Staios Dec 15, 2007
Vernon Fiddler vs Ian Laperriere Dec 15, 2007
Mike Fisher vs Scott Walker Dec 12, 2007

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