Another relatively quiet week in NHL news.  No refs were accused of trying to fix scores.  No one abusing animals.  No records being broken with the word steroids being mentioned every other sentence.  I’d say the NHL had itself a good week.

Videos added

Lyle Odelein vs Scott Pearson Mar 22, 1996
Craig Rivet vs Brent Hughes Mar 22, 1996
Donald Brashear vs Rob Ray Mar 22, 1996
(three above same vid)
Greg Smyth vs Stu Grimson Feb 21, 1993
Ronnie Stern vs Cam Russell Feb 21, 1993
(two above same vid)
Basil McRae vs Alan May Feb 21, 1993
Rob Brown vs Sylvain Lefebvre Dec 5, 1992

Site note

The first of the 2007-08 schedules has been added with the QMJHL preseason. More schedules will be added this week.

Some reads

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