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As the season winds down it’s time to look back and acknowledge that DJ King put together a solid NHL campaign in 2006-07.

He had a good fight with Krys Barch last night.  It was the fourth time the two dropped the gloves against each other this season.  The other three times were in the AHL.

Last night’s fight:

D.J. King vs Krys Barch Apr 2, 2007

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Fighting is simply part of the game

Pest Patrol

For five minutes during Sunday’s Rangers-Leafs game, the ice was quieter than normal.  Someone might have even skated with their head down for a few seconds.

You see, Darcy Tucker fought Sean Avery.  Two of the highest profile agitators in the league took each other off the ice.

To the other 28 NHL teams’ dismay, both skated to the penalty box just fine.  I’m sure a movie-style “double knockout” was the wish of majority.

During the fight Tucker’s helmet fell in front of his face giving him just a little added protection.  Cut a hole in the middle of it and there’s just something very Hannibal Lecter about it.

Avery picked up the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.  He actually had two goals and an assist as the Rangers went on to beat the Leafs 7-2.

Zack Stortini and Martin Lapointe also had a decent scrap mid-way through the first period of the Oilers-Hawks game.

Last night’s fights:

Zack Stortini vs Martin Lapointe Apr 1, 2007
Darcy Tucker vs Sean Avery Apr 1, 2007

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Angling for a Fight on and Off the Ice - Don Cherry article in the NY Times

No Foolin’

I’m too tired to pull an April Fool’s joke or anything right now, so it’s just a quick video update for now.  I’ll try and toss up the link list early afternoon.

Last night’s fights:

Eric Boulton vs Jeremy Reich Mar 31, 2007
Jim Slater vs Jeff Hoggan Mar 31, 2007
Donald Brashear vs Andre Roy Mar 31, 2007
Matt Bradley vs Nick Tarnasky Mar 31, 2007
George Parros vs D.J. King Mar 31, 2007
Jarome Iginla vs Willie Mitchell Mar 31, 2007

From Friday:

Shane O’Brien vs David Tanabe Mar 30, 2007

Update 100pm: Adding some reads.

Domi allegedly confronted peewee hockey coach
NHL needs fighting to become more popular, but the NHL is fighting it
A battle brews on future of fighting
Pests won’t go down without fight
Crosby lauds big Georges
Wanna fight? Baum’s away!

Burnett Speaks About His Recovery

The Province’s Ed Willes has a new story about Garrett Burnett’s recovery, Remarkable recovery measure of the man.

Garrett speaks of his recovery:

“I want to push as hard as I can,” says the 31-year-old Coquitlam native. “It’s weird to me because they emphasize you have to rest and let the brain heal itself. To me, that doesn’t feel right because it has always been up to me how hard I worked.

“I try my hardest every day. I want to do my part and let science take care of the rest.”

While there’s still a long way to go, “years” is not a word thrown around lightly, the speed of his progress has been impressive nonetheless.

Here Comes Cote

Riley Cote has a crew that’s been waiting for him to make his “real” NHL debut and it happened last night.  In his third NHL game, Cote got into his first fight.  It was a familiar opponent in Cam Janssen.

The two have met up four other times, including once in NHL unis this past preseason.

There was some chatter leading up to the game, so the fight didn’t come as much of a surprise.  Cote’s weekend isn’t done just yet.  Tomorrow the Flyers play the Rangers.  The last time these two teams met up, Fedoruk vs Orr happened.

Cote already has his sights set on Orr:

Although even Fedoruk suggests the fight was simply the product of some liberties he took with Jaromir Jagr on Feb. 17 and the slate should be clean, Cote doesn’t quite see it that way.

“I’m obviously thinking about it in the back of my mind,” he said. “I know my role. I’ve played two games, and I still haven’t gotten in a fight. I’m still trying to make a name for myself.

“It kind of works out hand-in-hand. It’s a team issue, that’s the biggest thing. I have two incentives. It’s going to be a big night for me. I’m aware of what happened. It’s something that needs to be addressed. You don’t want to see anybody go down like that, especially a teammate and friend. I’m going to do my best.”

So if you haven’t figured out which game you’re watching tonight, there you go.  Cote already has a ton of fans from his last few years in Philly, but he has the potential to have the next PJ Stock-like cult following if he finishes this season strong and makes the big club in the fall.

Josh Gratton and Doug Murray also dropped the gloves last night and had themselves a decent-length scrap.

I should have a clip of Shane O’Brien and David Tanabe tomorrow.

Clips added:

Riley Cote vs Cam Janssen Mar 30, 2007
Josh Gratton vs Doug Murray Mar 30, 2007

Some reads:

Fighting for Fans
Fedoruk reignites fight debate


No fights last night.  It’s been a while since there’s been that many games (eight) and no scraps.

So, I added a few random ones.

Fights added:

Chris Simon vs Tie Domi Jan 6, 1996
Sandy McCarthy vs Chris Simon Jan 14, 1996
Tie Domi vs Chris Simon Mar 3, 1996
Brad May vs Todd Gill Nov 12, 1999
Mark Bell vs Dion Phaneuf Jan 2, 2006

Reading material:

Boogaard believes fighting belongs

Also, in case you missed it: yesterday’s larger post.


Forgot to mention yesterday that last season’s fighting total has been eclipsed.

The increase isn’t monumental, but with the schedule the way it is, and player movement lessening compared to the post-lockout shuffle, an increase of any kind was expected.

Last night George Parros fought David Koci, a rematch from two weeks ago.  One rabid fan base vs another.  The Stache Squad vs The Cult of Koci.  It was a decent scrap.  Koci fared better this time around.

Last night’s fights:

Mike Commodore vs Ben Eager Mar 28, 2007
Brad May vs Danny Richmond Mar 28, 2007
George Parros vs David Koci Mar 28, 2007

Stuff to help you procrastinate instead of doing whatever it is you should really be doing:

The Daily Tribune noticed the fight totals from this year and last:

The fight between Andrea Lilja and Anaheim’s Travis Moen on Monday was just the ninth fighting major of the season for the Red Wings. It was, however, a notable fight league-wide. That was the 357th game of the NHL campaign with a fight, according to, tying the league with last year’s total. When there were four games with fights the next night, the NHL passed its total (357) of a year ago.

Lilja’s fight and Mikael Samuelsson’s scuffle with Scott Niedermayer drew praise from Babcock.

“I was really impressed with Lils and I was really impressed with Sammy,” said Babcock. “Sometimes you think when you’re not from North America, that if someone rushes your face then you’re supposed to say thanks. Well they didn’t say thanks. They just responded. They’re big men. They can look after themselves.”

Babcock also joked about the fight: “I thought it was outstanding. That was the most fun I’ve had since I’ve been the Red Wings’ coach.”

My buddy Eric McErlain spoke with Donald Brashear to get his thoughts on fighting, and a possible ban.

Eric also asked fans at the Caps-Pens game and got some fan opinions on the subject.

Great job Eric.  You can read more from Eric at Off Wing Opinion and NBC Sports.

Also over at NBC is Scott Bowman, who wrote about the physical side of hockey.

If you haven’t seen it yet, City Pages has a great feature on Derek Boogaard: The Boogeyman Drops the Gloves

Hey, even I was quoted.  Let me translate one snippet for you.

“Anytime where over the next month they’re gonna say, ‘He broke someone’s face,’ that’s gonna get you somewhere,” says’s Singer.

That doesn’t read well, so here’s the background: We were talking about Boogey’s rep and how and when that gets established.  While his KO of Trevor Gillies was big last season, the Fedoruk fight at the beginning of this season got the chatter going louder then ever: Derek Boogaard is the next big thing.  If you watched any Wild game, or even any Flyers game post-trade, that fight seemed to be mentioned.  Whenever a big fight happened in any game, that fight seemed to be mentioned.

Somehow those thoughts produced the quote above (which was in the middle of some thoughts that did make sense).  I feel like it went through an online Japanese translator, and was then translated back into English.

The City Pages feature has some great additions to the features to check out as well.

A couple of more reads:
Blue Jackets: Fighting belongs in hockey, players say
Boyle still playing for respect in the NHL

It Happened

What happened?  BGL-Brash.  Champ, champs, contender, contenders, call them whatever you like.  It was a big-time heavyweight matchup between two of the best in the league.

So what actually happened?  Nothing too much.  That happens more than anything happening.

Who wants to be the first one to open up in that bout?  I don’t think either’s looking to shout “I do” to that.

That’s the end of Pens-Caps this season, but both should be back with their current team and we should get more Donald Brashear and Georges Laraque in the fall.

Jody Shelley and DJ King had a pretty decent scrap.  With the game in St Louis against another non-playoff team and a 4-1 loss, the fight was no doubt the highlight of the night for Blues fans.

Jason Smith was active, dropping the gloves twice.  First against Ramzi Abid after taking a nasty shot in front of the net, and later against Darcy Hordichuk after Hordi took out Ladislav Smid in the corner.  Hordi got chucked for not having his fighting strap tied down, but replays showed it snapped/ripped.

Last night’s fights:

Georges Laraque vs Donald Brashear Mar 27, 2007
Jody Shelley vs D.J. King Mar 27, 2007
Jason Smith vs Ramzi Abid Mar 27, 2007
Jason Smith vs Darcy Hordichuk Mar 27, 2007

I’ll add some reads later on.


A good day for a corny title.  Don’t know why, but nothing else is coming to mind after last night.

There was one game, Anaheim at Detroit.  The Ducks lead the NHL in fighting majors, the Red Wings sit at the bottom of the list.  Things did get a little rough at the end of the first period and there was a scrap, as surprising as it was.

Whether or not they actually fight, the Wings need to continue to play tough as the playoffs come around for them to go deep.

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the Wings-Avs brawl featuring Patrick Roy and Mike VernonChristy has the recap.  It was mentioned from a few news sources and Versus had a few clips to show during the broadcast last night.  Maybe it was some motivation going into tonight (oooh, Inspire-Wing, that is dumb), or maybe not.

That game and the ones that followed had a lot of action, and I’ll get those clips into the system soon.

Last night’s fight:

Travis Moen vs Andreas Lilja Mar 26, 2007

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Fighting has become dangerous
Fighting not up for debate: Bettman
Hockey fights are a double-edged sword
Tips for winning the fighting argument
Shanahan advocates a long look at fighting
Blue Jackets: Fighting belongs in hockey, players say

We Still Have Lappy

I think there were more fights about fighting than there were actual fights this past weekend.  Read that again if you have to.  I wrote it and I still had to.

Ian Laperriere dropped the gloves against Jeff Cowan last night for the lone scrap of the day.  They had a quick fight after Lappy threw a hit on Cowan early in the first period.  Cowan added to the scoresheet with a goal later in the period.  Lappy is now tied for second in the league in fighting majors, one off league leader Andrew Peters.

Last night’s fight:

Ian Laperriere vs Jeff Cowan Mar 25, 2007

Some reads:

Burnett Attends Skate Day
To beat or not to beat
Rayzor sits down for a one-on-one with LGS

If you missed this weekend’s posts, including lots of links to “why fighting should be kept in/removed from the game” articles, you can check them out here and here.

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