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Update: Dec 11, 2006

Three games, two fights and a heavyweight matchup that more than a few were hoping for: Brian McGrattan vs Jody Shelley.

Demitra Happy About Boogaard’s Return

The Star Tribune has a story about Pavol Demitra, and how the Sens’ Neil and Volchenkov might not have taken a run at him if Derek Boogaard was playing that game (he was out with an injury at the time).

From Teams lacking enforcer have faced consequences:

The Wild was defenseless with bruiser Derek Boogaard at home because of an ankle injury. Demitra is convinced both Ottawa players would have thought twice about running them if Boogaard and the intimidating presence he supplies had been in the building.

Demitra says that’s proof there’s still a place for fighters in the NHL. “You need a guy as tough as Boogey that the other team respects, a guy that backs up the team,” he said.

There’s a reference in there as well.  We get to provide the sad statistic about how much fighting has declined since 2003-04.

It was a slow Saturday night.  Just three scraps.  Ian Laperriere finally (a little background info) got his chance to go with Sean Avery, who was booted immediately after the fight for not having his strap tied down.

After the jump is a Youtube video of Parros-Roy.  It’s a little longer than the downloadable clip.  It includes Bolts’ color man Bobby Taylor talking about Brian Burke wanting to put together a team that scores, doesn’t trap - and fights.  It doesn’t get old hearing about it and the fact that it’s happened, that the Ducks are sitting on top of the league and not letting anyone push them around, is why there are more fans of Anaheim here on the site than ever before (and I’m sure de-Disney-ifying didn’t hurt).

Update Dec 10 105pm: Links for older fights were broken, now fixed.

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The NHL’s Best Hits of November

The NHL has release its best hits of November video via their channel on Youtube.

Update: Dec 09, 2006

The three clips from the Ducks-Caps game are up.

Gratton and Vandy Get Them Cheering

Light night for 10 games, but Josh Gratton and Jim Vandermeer didn’t disappoint.  9,078 was the announced attendance in Chicago and they got to see a decent show, or at least a couple of highlights.

If you don’t know what FOY stands for, let me tell you: Fight of the Year.  Tonight’s bout might not be it, but it’s a candidate.

Hopefully I get to keep saying that.

‘Hawks fans were treated to a beauty of a bout early on, then saw a game end 1-1 after regulation before watching a shootout, if you’re into that sort of thing.  I doubt many were after watching Phoenix win it, having to wait five rounds before seeing the first goal.  I also have little doubt some fans were confused about how Jeremy Roenick was wearing a Coyotes jersey.  “He was on the Blackhawks last time I went to a game.”

We have the bout on the videos page as a Youtube preview along with the normal size clip.  You can also view the YT version after the jump in this post and in the forums along with a larger version for download.


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Sugden Retires

Lindsay Kramer from The Post-Standard had two blog posts today about Brandon Sugden retiring from the Crunch (and the follow-up).

Sugden had been growing increasingly disappointed with his role on the team and with hockey’s de-emphasizing of fighting in general. When I spoke to him I sensed more sadness than bitterness, and he said he came to the conclusion that if he’s not going to be allowed to play his role anymore then it is time to move on with his life.

It’s a damn shame.  Sugar‘s a good guy and really the kind of character we need more of in hockey at any level.

Sugden’s been the focus on the home page for some time now as I had to delay other Originals in order to get the revamped site done.  I received a lot of emails about that interview.  Almost every single one translated into “we need more of him!”.

Kramer wrote in his follow-up that semipro in Quebec is an option for Sugar still, which is great, as the hardcore fans on this site will still be able to follow his career, whether it’s in the LNAH (now “fully pro”) or another league.

Best of luck to ya man, no matter what you choose do next.

Update Dec 13: Sugden has signed with the Summum Chiefs of the LNAH.

Welcome to the NHL, Danny Bois

Danny Bois made his NHL debut tonight for the Sens against the Caps.  Not looking to take baby steps up the toughness scale he had his first NHL regular season bout (he’s had two preseason fights) against Donald Brashear.  Not the highlight of the night, that was the earlier McGrattan-Erskine scrap, but that’ll certainly make an impression.  I’m sure Bryan Murray wouldn’t mind another Chris Neil.  Besides being familiar with a major penalty they have eerily similar juniors and minors numbers (Bois, Neil).  Bois’ stats tonight: 1 SOG, 7 PIM in 3:53 of ice time.  He made some fans though.

The Youtube preview has been changed up to McGrattan-Erskine.  Youtube had a notice earlier that they were doing some maintenance tonight, so if the area’s blank, that’s why.

Roy Returns to Tampa

Andre Roy wasted little time reacquainting himself with the fans in Tampa by dropping the gloves with Andrew Peters a little over two minutes into last night’s game.

Unfortunately that was it for last night’s action.  So until next time, enjoy the update.

Singing Our Tune

Another “bring back fighting” article.  It seems mainstream media members are also tired of some of the robotic games we’ve seen this season.

From Kevin Dupont, Give fans what they want — the fights:

Remember, it was not fighting that muted the talents of skilled players in the ‘90s.  Boring defensive schemes and the reluctance of on-ice officials to whistle interference penalties sucked the life out of it.  But the Lords, by clamping down far too much on fighting, are equally guilty.  They neutered the game’s passion factor, in the hopes that Americans would approve in the form of TV ratings.  Instead, the result has been just that tiny blip at the bottom of the ratings radar screen.

This was written just a day after Sports Illustrated published Allan Muir’s Fighting is still a valuable and integral part of the NHL

Look, if you don’t lke fighting, that’s fine. But you can’t argue that the majority of people who have demonstrated a willingness to to pay for the product don’t enjoy a round of on-ice fisticuffs delivered with relish and brio. And those people are the ones whose interests need to be addressed—the folks who have slipped away as the game devolved into a no-touch tea party. They’re the future of the NHL, not Sally Soccer Mom who doesn’t take her precious children to a game for fear of the “negative influence.”

At least some in the media aren’t above listening to the fans.

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