Anaheim Takes Game One

As it’s a day later, I’m not going to do much of a recap, as anyone following the Cup is no doubt soaking up coverage.  There’s been a good deal of chatter about many papers not covering the Cup and bloggers being shut out (even Caps’ owner Ted Leonsis chimed in), and general lack of interest (in the US), but it’s still the Cup, and there’s still plenty out there.

So I’ll stick to the basics:

Boxscore, Recap of recaps from Stats Inc (links would have been great in there)

Tonight’s game

Ottawa Senators vs Anaheim Ducks 8:00 PM ET
In the US the game is on Versus.

Some reads

No harm in a little rough stuff
Mike V is blogging for the Ducks
( interview with Mike V from 2004)
NHL needs to be more lenient


The wait for the Cup Finals to begin isn’t like the week before the Super Bowl, but the anticipation’s been good nonetheless, although not all agree.

First Cup game

Ottawa Senators vs Anaheim Ducks 8:00 PM ET
Reminder: for those in the States the game is on Versus

It’s a good way to end Memorial Day weekend here.

Posted some videos from a game I’ve been meaning to get to for a while.  It includes the brawl from Atlanta Thrashers at Edmonton Oilers on Feb 11, 2004.  The highlights would be the goaltenders, Pasi Nurminen and Ty Conklin, squaring off, and Mike Bishai fighting Serge Aubin from the Atlanta bench.

Videos added

Joey Kocur vs Mike Eagles Nov 21, 1992
Ivan Majesky vs Jason Smith Feb 11, 2004
Andy Sutton vs Eric Brewer Feb 11, 2004
Jeff Cowan vs Jason Chimera Feb 11, 2004
Serge Aubin vs Mike Bishai Feb 11, 2004
Pasi Nurminen vs Ty Conklin Feb 11, 2004
Francis Lessard vs Georges Laraque Feb 11, 2004
(six above the same clip)
Garnet Exelby vs Ethan Moreau Feb 11, 2004

The Ice Block

Guilty Plea Expected From Tocchet
Canadian Draw
Tocchet Scheduled to Make Court Appearance
A Way Out

More Quick Hits

Glass Doesn’t Stop Brennan, Fan
This UHL Game Is So… UHL

Page Six?

With all this time before the next game, why not…

Former ‘Idol 5’ finalist Kellie Pickler dating NHL player Jordin Tootoo (no word on when these are from)
Is Elisha Hearing Wedding Bells?… - Could this start the softening of Sean Avery?  Is that even possible?

Thanks to those who sent in the links… I think.


Jon Swenson is continuing to recap coverage of NBC pulling overtime of the Sabres-Sens game for pre-race Preakness coverage.  There’s a business angle that’s hard to argue, but’s NHL on NBC page still having the timely poll question of “Who will win the Western Conference finals?” doesn’t help the network appear like they have any dedication to the league.

Some viewing material

Brian Leetch Retires From Hockey
Luc Robitaille previews the Stanley Cup (video)

Glass Doesn’t Stop Brennan, Fan

Kip Brennan is a bad seed. It’s not like we mind though…

Last night Brennan engaged in a penalty box scrap with a Manchester Monarchs fan during the closing seconds of last night’s 4-1 win over the Monarchs by the Hershey Bears. The Bears are now up 3-0 in that series for those AHL fans who are wondering…

Video of the tussle can be found here. The fight is shown at the very end of the clip.

The last well-known penalty box scrap happened just one year ago when Mike Sgroi pounded Garret Stroshein and earned a 10 game suspension.

However players taking on fans is a different story. The most popular incident was of course Tie Domi squirting a water bottle into the Philadelphia stands and then taking on Chris Falcone. Another I can recall is Rob Ray beating on a fan that jumped on the ice and ran towards the Buffalo Sabres’ bench.

Apparently the fan jumped down next to the penalty box and began taunting and trying to grab Brennan through the glass. This eventually led to Brennan getting ahold of the fan and the two exchanging punches and shoves through the boards just before the linesmen and a security guard were able to get there.

The only solid punch of the whole thing was actually landed by the fan, a right that knocked Brennan’s helmet off. The fan was escorted out of the concourse with a ripped shirt.

This isn’t the first penalty box-related incident that Brennan has been involved in this season. During a stint with the ECHL’s Long Beach Ice Dogs, Brennan left the penalty box to join a bench-clearing brawl and earned a seven-game ban.

The AHL hasn’t handed down a ruling on Brennan yet in terms of a suspension but will most likely do so by the end of the week. No word on whether or not charges have or will be filed by the police. The identity of the fan hasn’t been released yet either.

This UHL Game Is So… UHL

There was a time, just a couple of seasons ago, when the UHL was considered one of the toughest leagues out there.  The AA leagues have all tweaked their rules to be more NHL-ish post-NHL lockout and as a result, the game has changed, but not completely.

Shades of yesteryear were seen over the weekend during the Colonial Cup Finals when a brawl broke out between the Rockford IceHogs and Kalamazoo Wings (K-Wings).

The penalty calls

Rockford - Kaleb Betts - (Instigator), 2 min, 18:55
Rockford - Kaleb Betts - (Instigator), 2 min, 18:55
Rockford - Kaleb Betts - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 18:55
Rockford - Kaleb Betts - (Fighting (Instigator) Misconduct), 10 min, 18:55
Rockford - Kaleb Betts - (Fighting (Aggressor) Game Misconduct), 10 min, 18:55
Kalamazoo - Nick Bootland - (Roughing), 2 min, 18:55
Kalamazoo - Nick Bootland - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 18:55
Kalamazoo - Nick Bootland - (Fighting (Secondary) Game Misconduct), 10 min, 18:55
Rockford - Frederic Cloutier - (Goalie Leaving Crease), 2 min, 18:55
Rockford - Preston Mizzi - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 18:55
Rockford - Preston Mizzi - (Fighting (Secondary) Game Misconduct), 10 min, 18:55
Kalamazoo - Ryan Nie - (Goalie Leaving Crease), 2 min, 18:55
Rockford - Jason Notermann - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 18:55
Rockford - Jason Notermann - (Fighting (Secondary) Game Misconduct), 10 min, 18:55
Kalamazoo - Tyler Willis - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 18:55
Kalamazoo - Tyler Willis - (Fighting (Secondary) Game Misconduct), 10 min, 18:55
Kalamazoo - Tyler Willis - (Fighting (Secondary) Game Misconduct), 10 min, 18:55


Jason Notermann vs Nick Bootland
Preston Mizzi vs Tyler Willis
Kaleb Betts vs Tyler Willis

The video

Amazing Video: K-Wings Hockey Fight from WWMT
Thanks to Mike for sending in the link.

The series

The Finals are all tied up at three games a piece.  The seventh and final game is tonight: Kalamazoo Wings at Rockford IceHogs May 24, 2007

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Sens preparing for unfamiliar Ducks
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Ducks and Sens It Is

That’s it!  We’re all set: Ducks vs Senators for the Stanley Cup.

The Ducks took out the Wings 4-3 last night to take the series in six.  It looked like the it wasn’t going to be close, but the Wings made it a game towards the end of the third.

I’m sure the NHL wouldn’t mind having Detroit in the Finals for better national ratings, but Anaheim plays the kind of game that’s appreciated over here, and it should be a good matchup.  The first Cup game isn’t until Monday, so the Ducks will get some rest.  Will it be too much time off for the Sens?  A good number of angles here.  US vs Canada, East vs West.

Videos added

Mario Roberge vs Rob Ray May 1, 1995
Herb Raglan vs Dan Kordic Feb 13, 1992
Brad May vs Terry Carkner Jan 26, 1993
Rob Ray vs Dave Brown Jan 26, 1993

Some reads

Wild GM Doug Risebrough Tackles The ‘Hot Topics’
Laraque in training
CHL fines Tigers, Whalers
Canes’ Hedican will be back, if hip allows

Stanley Cup Schedule

(All game times are 8pm ET)
Game 1 Ottawa Senators at Anaheim Ducks Monday, May 28, 2007
Game 2 Ottawa Senators at Anaheim Ducks Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Game 3 Anaheim Ducks at Ottawa Senators Saturday, June 2, 2007
Game 4 Anaheim Ducks at Ottawa Senators Monday, June 4, 2007
*Game 5 Ottawa Senators at Anaheim Ducks Wednesday, June 6, 2007
*Game 6 Anaheim Ducks at Ottawa Senators Saturday, June 9, 2007
*Game 7 Ottawa Senators at Anaheim Ducks Monday, June 11, 2007
*If necessary

For those in the States, the first two games are on Versus, the rest are on NBC.

Lucky Ducks

Yesterday’s game was a good example of a stolen game.  The Wings outplayed the Ducks in every way, but with 48 seconds left in the game, on a power play and with JS Giguere pulled, Scott Niedermayer deflected the puck in to tie it up.

The Wings still controlled play in overtime until Andy McDonald forced Andreas Lilja to cough up the puck right in front of Dominik Hasek.  Teemu Selanne was right there to pick it up and put a great move on Hasek before roofing it to end the game.

Not to jump ahead, but a Sens-Ducks Cup Final could be a very good series.

Videos added

Rob Ray vs Tie Domi Feb 10, 1993
Mike Peluso vs Jim Kyte Jan 27, 1992
Lyndon Byers vs David Mackey Feb 13, 1992
Stephane Quintal vs Warren Rychel Mar 20, 1993

Next game

Detroit Red Wings vs Anaheim Ducks 9:00 PM ET on Versus

Some reads

Alfredsson slays the ghosts of seasons past
Lakusta offers to help Oilers

Ducks Tie It Up

The Ducks didn’t let a second period comeback by the Wings get in their way last night.  The former mighty ones scored two in the third to tie up the series.  Ryan Getzlaf played the role of the hero with the game-winning goal.  The next game is Sunday afternoon in Detroit.

Videos added

Cam Russell vs Chris Simon Nov 22, 1995
Bob Probert vs Brent Severyn Oct 13, 1998
Mick Vukota vs Rob Ray Jan 8, 1993
Bill Huard vs Steve Leach Feb 2, 1995
Dennis Vial vs Brent Hughes Feb 2, 1995

Today’s game

None.  The next game is Sabres-Sens, Saturday afternoon.

More awards

The Hockey News published their own 2006-07 awards.  Here’s an award out of our own playbook:


After abandoning his long, shaggy hair in favor of cutting it right down to the wood this season, Brendan Witt was back in the playoffs with the long, scraggly locks that made him look more like a professional wrestler than a hockey player.

Either way, the New York Islanders defenseman is one scary-looking dude. Throw in the black eye he got at the end of the season and the 14 tattoos that cover various parts of his 6-foot-2, 220-pound body and you have one intimidating fellow.

And he’s definitely no fun to play against. As the inaugural recipient of the John Ferguson Tough Guy Who Can Play Award, Witt has earned every bit of his recognition. The hard way. He plays against all the top lines as one of the Islanders’ shut-down guys - just ask Leafs captain Mats Sundin how much fun he had battling Witt this season - and regularly puts his body on the line for his team.

As the accompanying graphic points out, nobody in the league had a higher combined total of hits, blocked shots and penalty minutes this season. Witt can play it rough and tough - and he can flat-out play, too, as he shone defensively all season for the Isles.

He also got into six fights in 2006-07 and according to the website, lost all six of them. We think that makes him even tougher, since he’s not afraid to drop his gloves despite knowing there’s a good chance he’s going to lose.

I have no problem recognizing Brendan Witt‘s tough play or the heart in any player.  That’s an award all on its own there.  I’m not sure I’d give an award named after John Ferguson to Witt, but to each his own.  To clarify, Witt had five, not six, fighting majors last season, but we forgive for the mention.  The Cam Neely award going to Kevin Bieksa was a good pick.  Check them all out if you haven’t already.

If you’re looking to have your own say, be sure to vote on the 2006-07 Awards.  We recently added all the standard NHL awards to the list.

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Use Mair to Fire Up Sabres
Laraque still just a kid at heart


Ducks Drowned by Wings

What happened to the Ducks?  Did the Red Wings just play an amazing game or were the Ducks awful?  Or both?

It’s over now, and a loss is a loss, whether you’re blown out or if you lose in ot.  The Wings took back home ice advantage with last night’s win, and the series is 2-1 in their favor.

The Ducks won each of the first two series 4-1, so this isn’t a position they’ve been in yet, but down by just one game isn’t that bad.  The Wings were in the same position against the Sharks last round, so they won’t be easing up any.

Down 3-0, tonight’s do or die for the Sabres.

The latest vids have a Wings theme.

Videos added

Darren McCarty vs Turner Stevenson Dec 2, 1995
Keith Primeau vs Kirk Muller Mar 20, 1996
Marc LaBelle vs Jamie Pushor Oct 23, 1996

Tonight’s game

Buffalo Sabres vs Ottawa Senators 7:00 PM ET


Some signings in the news over the past couple of days including Ben Eager and Matt Kassian.

Evening Up

We’ve got a game five coming.  Scott Niedermayer played hero last night with the overtime winner.  The Ducks now go back to Anaheim with home ice advantage.

Videos added

Chris Murray vs Dennis Vial Dec 30, 1995
Turner Stevenson vs Dennis Vial Dec 30, 1995
Lyle Odelein vs Troy Mallette Dec 30, 1995
Vladimir Malakhov vs Ted Drury Dec 30, 1995

Tonight’s game

Buffalo Sabres vs Ottawa Senators 7:00 PM ET

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Sens, Sabres embrace spirit of ‘new’ NHL
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You Did What?

We may all expect it from the Ducks, but whenever the Red Wings drop the gloves the last few years, it always comes as a surprise.  Danny Markov took on Shawn Thornton during last night’s Wings 2-1 win.  It’s not going to get high ratings here, but the Detroit crowd didn’t seem to mind.

Detroit News: How Swede!
OC Register: Ducks stumble in opener

The Detroit News, Detroit Free Press and Michigan Live all have the game on the front of the website.  Freep and mlive are both using the AP recap.  What’s going on over there?  The OC Register also had the game as the main article on the front page.

Last night’s fight

Shawn Thornton vs Danny Markov May 11, 2007

Today’s game

Ottawa Senators vs Buffalo Sabres 8:00 PM ET

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