Scott Thornton

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card

Position: LW
Birthdate: Jan 09, 1971
From: London, ON; Canada
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 216lbs

NHL Fights: 4

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Oct 28, 2003 2pd 10:40 SAN @ CAR Bob Boughner
Boughner crushes Thornton with a hit and Boogey starts skating away. Thornton chased him down with his gloves off and drops him with a right. Everyone jumps in and Cheechoo and Wallin start going. Other Penalties: Thornton received an instigator and misconduct.
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Oct 28, 2003 3pd 08:49 SAN @ CAR Jesse Boulerice
Thornton returns form serving his 10 minutes and Boulerice is chatting with him after a whistle. The refs step in, and both player jump around them to finish this off. Thornton starts off throwing rights to the back of Boulerice's head and then Boulerice connects with two rights. Boulerice throws the right as Thornton throws the left, all of them wiffs, and Thornton falls to the ice.
Voted winner: Jesse Boulerice (91.7%) - Voted rating: 5.4
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Jan 24, 2004 1pd 11:39 @ SAN MIN Jason Wiemer
Wiemer runs Ricci from behind and Thornton challenges wiemer immediately. They grab on and wiemer gets Thornton's helmet off. Thornton throws a right, then a couple of lefts. wiemer chucks about three rights. Hard to tell what landed and what didn't, but Thornton had a bit more control with Wiemer pressed up against the boards.
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Mar 09, 2004 2pd 14:02 @ SAN MIN Matt Johnson
At center ice, away from the puck they come together quickly. The gloves come off and there is no square off. Johnson throws the first punch, which looked to miss and Thornton goes down and gets back up. Johnson looks to really load up. They both toss a couple of wild rights. Can't tell what landed, or the effect, but Thornton wound up on the ice with his knees bent and his head down.
Voted winner: Matt Johnson (93.3%) - Voted rating: 5.0
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