Yuri Moscevsky

2002-2003 Preseason Fight Card

Position: LW
Birthdate: Oct 20, 1978
From: Milwaukee, WI; USA
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 230lbs

NHL Fights: 2

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Sep 27, 2002 2pd 06:47 SAN @ ANA Kevin Sawyer
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Sep 30, 2002 3pd 02:50 @ SAN VAN Trevor Linden
Jillson hit Hlavc what looked like a knee on knee. Linden went to stick up for Hlavac, but he ran in to Yuri Moscevsky. Even though he got the third man in, there was no upper hand. Linden did end up on top, but not before Moscevsky landed three straight rights to the temple. Other Penalties: Jillson a major kneeing; Linden a double roughing; Moscevsky a game misconduct. Trevor Linden did not receive a fighting major.
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