Arron Asham

2005-2006 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Apr 13, 1978
From: Portage La Prairie, MB Canada
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 196 lbs.
NHL Fights: 3
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Brendan Witt vs. Arron Asham
1 Pd 15:33
NYI @WAS Brendan Witt
Voted winner:  Arron Asham   (26.5%) - Voted rating: 3.1
Witt is in the box after a hit on Jason Blake. He gets out of the box and Asham is on the ice. Asham finds him and the gloves fly. They square off and Witt moves in to grab on while Asham throws a punch. They tangle and quickly go down. Witt throws a right while they're on the ice and they get up and start throwing punches, Asham with the right, Witt with the left, but the linesmen have already moved in to break it up.
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Mike Richards vs. Arron Asham
1 Pd 15:32
NYI @PHI Mike Richards
Voted winner:  Arron Asham   (93.9%) - Voted rating: 6.7
They drop the gloves at the blueline, shedding their helmets in the process. They grab on and Asham lands a big right to start things off. Richards comes back with a right of his own. They start exchanging rights for a few seconds with Asham landing the majority of his punches. Asham throws another right and loses his balance as both players fall to the ice. Asham throws a couple rights as they are falling.
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Cam Janssen vs. Arron Asham
1 Pd 2:54
NYI @NJD Cam Janssen
Voted winner:  Cam Janssen   (30.2%) - Voted rating: 7.2
Right off of the faceoff, the two drop the gloves and square off. Janssen quickly picks his mouthpiece off of the ice. They grab ahold of each other as Janssen throws three rights as Asham returns fire with a jersey-jab and right combination. They exchange right hands as Asham lands a few jersey-jabs before the two exchange rights once more. They each throw a couple of more jersey-jabs as Asham lands another right while Janssen waits for an opening. Asham throws two more rights and a jersey-jab before the two go back and forth with rights for a short while. Asham connects with two short lefts before the two exchange rights once more for an extended period of time. Janssen then connects with three straight rights before the two throw simultaneous rights. Asham then pushes Janssen to the ice and the linesmen come in.