Johan Franzen

2006-2007 Regular Season Fight Card

Position: C
Birthdate: Dec 23, 1979
From: Vetlanda; Sweden
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 207lbs

NHL Fights: 1

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Oct 18, 2006 2pd 11:06 DET @ ANA Sean O'Donnell
The whistle blows to stop play with Franzen and O'Donnell shoving each other behind the Anaheim net. Franzen shoves O'Donnell into the back of the net and puts him in a headlock, causing O'Donnell to drop his gloves. O'Donnell wrestles Franzen off of him and throws a right. Franzen then ducks down to avoid another shot and O'Donnell appears like he's going to let up, but the linesmen are right there to break things up anyway. Other Penalties: O'Donnell received a roughing.
Voted winner: Sean O'Donnell (93.5%) - Voted rating: 3.0
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