Chris Simon

2005-2006 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: LW
Birthday: Jan 30, 1972
From: Wawa, ON Canada
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 235 lbs.
NHL Fights: 8
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Chris Simon vs. Darcy Hordichuk
1 Pd 3:14
@CAL NSH Darcy Hordichuk
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (75.2%) - Voted rating: 7
Simon shoves Hordichuk behind the play before they drop the gloves near the blueline. They quickly exchange punches: Simon with lefts; Hordichuk with rights. Simon then lands a left that nearly knocks Hordichuk off-balance. Hordichuk then switches hands and start throwing rights as Simon throws a few more lefts. Simon misses with a left as Hordichuk throws a few rights that knock Simon's helmet off. Simon then loses his balance and falls to the ice taking Hordichuk with him as he falls.
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Eric Godard vs. Chris Simon
1 Pd 4:22
CAL @NYI Eric Godard
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (41%) - Voted rating: 5.9
Godard takes a run at Simon after Simon plays the puck up ice. Simon chases Godard and checks him into the boards. Godard gives Simon a few shots while Simon has his back turned. Simon turns around as they drop the gloves and square off. Simon grabs on and throws a left that Godard is able to duck under. They wrestle around as Godard lands a quick right with Simon returning fire with 6-7 lefts as he tries to keep his balance; a few of the punches connect. Simon connects with another left as Godard throws two rights that knock Simon off-balance and to the ice with Godard on top.
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John Erskine vs. Chris Simon
3 Pd 13:33
CAL @NYI John Erskine
Voted winner:  John Erskine   (88.6%) - Voted rating: 4.5
They drop the gloves behind the play and grab on as Simon is able to rip off Erskine's helmet. Erskine then throws two rights before Simon falls to the ice. Erskine lands a right to the back of Simon's helmet as they are falling.
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Derek Boogaard vs. Chris Simon
2 Pd 2:25
CAL @MIN Derek Boogaard
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (69.3%) - Voted rating: 6
They start pushing and shoving before the faceoff. After the puck drops, Boogaard gives Simon a few cross-checks before they drop the gloves. They grab on and grapple in tight as Simon takes Boogaard's helmet off. They continue to wrestle around until Simon gets his left hand free and connects with four straight punches as Boogaard backs away and misses with a right that Simon ducks under. Boogaard then throws three long rights to the back of Simon's helmet. Boogaard misses with a right before they lose their balance and fall to the ice.
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Chris Simon vs. Wade Brookbank
1 Pd 2:40
@CAL VAN Wade Brookbank
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (94.9%) - Voted rating: 5.8
Simon comes flying at Brookbank right after Brookbank tries to play the puck along the boards. They get the sticks up and shove each other before dropping the gloves and grabbing on. They wrestle around in tight as Simon gets free and throws three lefts with Brookbank throwing one of his own. Simon gets Brookbank turned around and lands two lefts to the back of Brookbank's head. Simon then lands another left that knocks off Brookbank's helmet. Brookbank is able to duck under another left hand from Simon as Simon throws a left and two uppercuts that connect to the body. Brookbank is able to tie Simon up for a short moment, but is unable to get an arm free as Simon gets loose and throws four more lefts before switching hands and landing two right jabs. The two tie up and talk a little before the linesmen come in and end the fight.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Chris Simon
1 Pd 10:58
CAL @DAL Nathan Perrott
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (97.9%) - Voted rating: 4.8
Directly after the faceoff, the two drop the gloves and tie up. Perrott rips Simon's helmet off and connects with four short rights to the back of Simon's head while Simon returns fire with two of his own during the exchange. The two grapple as Perrott loses his balance and goes down to his knees, allowing Simon to get his left hand free and get in two lefts on Perrott while he is down. Perrott gets back up to his feet and becomes the recipient of four more lefts from Simon. Perrott goes down to his knees and Simon gets one more left in before the linesmen intervene.
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Chris Simon vs. George Parros
1 Pd 6:32
@CAL LAK George Parros
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (94.1%) - Voted rating: 6.4
Behind the play, the two push and shove along the boards before dropping the gloves and squaring off at center ice. Simon grabs ahold of Parros and throws three quick lefts with two connecting, knocking Parros off-balance. Parros regains his composure and throws two lefts in the middle of a flurry of nine lefts to the side and back of Parros' head by Simon. Simon then throws Parros to the ice and the linesmen come in.
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Georges Laraque vs. Chris Simon
2 Pd 5:0
CAL @EDM Georges Laraque
Voted winner:  Georges Laraque   (95.2%) - Voted rating: 6.2
Right off of the faceoff, the two drop the gloves and square off near the side boards. Laraque grabs ahold of Simon while Simon fights to keep his balance. Laraque throws two lefts, knocking Simon's helmet off while they spin around. Simon comes back with a left of his own, followed by six straight lefts by Laraque, four of them landing, before the two spin to the ice. Laraque falls on top of Simon and his shoulder hits Simon's face, pushing the back of his head down into the ice. The back of Simon's head splits open and blood starts dripping onto the ice. The linesmen separate the two and Laraque waves his hands in the air, asking the crowd to make some noise. Simon goes back to the dressing room for repairs.