Ben Clymer

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Apr 11, 1978
From: Edina, MN United States
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195 lbs.
NHL Fights: 4
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David Hale vs. Ben Clymer
2 Pd 18:52
TBL @NJD David Hale
The Devs were on the penalty kill and Hale and Clymer got mixed up. They both kinda look at one another and toss off the gloves. Hale gets in postion and tries a short right, which fails. Clymer jabs a short left and Hale tries a right, which seemed to graze Clymer. THe rest of the fight they were both just holding on and they were fatigued.
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Ron Petrovicky vs. Ben Clymer
1 Pd 18:4
TBL @ATL Ron Petrovicky
Both fighters hugging in tight. Clymer throws about five noogies to the top of Petrovicky's helmet. Petro finally tires of it and bodyslams Clymer to the ice. Petro throws a punch on the way down that seems to have landed, and another after they hit the ice.
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Dmitri Kalinin vs. Ben Clymer
2 Pd 3:41
TBL @BUF Dmitri Kalinin
Voted winner:  Dmitri Kalinin   (96%) - Voted rating: 6
Clymer and Kalinin start mixing it up, and Clymer drops the gloves and starts throwing rights. This catches Kalinin off guard, who drops them late. Clymer lands two rights, Kalinin misses two, then catches Clymer with a right and drops him, tko. Other Penalties: Each player received a roughing.
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Chris Therien vs. Ben Clymer
2 Pd 17:38
TBL @PHI Chris Therien
Therien checks Clymer. Clymer challenges Therien, they drop em and grapple for a bit, trying to get off some weak punches that don't seem to land. Therien eventually wrestles Clymer to the ice.