Keith Primeau

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card

Position: C
Birthdate: Nov 24, 1971
From: Toronto, ON; Canada
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 220lbs

NHL Fights: 3

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Oct 22, 2003 1pd 05:58 PHI @ ANA Lance Ward
These two come together at center ice. Ward checks Primeau and kind of glove-punches him in the face. Primeau punches him back and Ward drops his gloves. Primeau drops his gloves and they squareoff. Ward reaches in and Primeau swings a right that either grazes or misses. Ward fires two rights that miss, Primeau lands one over the top. They tie each other up. Ward throws two that graze Primeau, Primeau throws an over, under, over right hand (didn't appear to bother Ward). Linesman then jump in for no reason. Other Penalties: Each player received a roughing.
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Dec 16, 2003 2pd 13:03 @ PHI CAL Rhett Warrener
Warrener comes in when Primeau is roughing up a Calgary player. Warrener starts with a few weak uppercuts then Primeau lands a decent overhand right. They both throw rights that appear to land, but Primeau's shot seems to connect harder. Warrener then turns away a little bit, and Primeau lands one more short right before this one ends. Primeau had a small cut on his cheek, not sure if it was from the fight. Other Penalties: Primeau received a roughing; Warrener an instigator and misconduct.
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Dec 30, 2003 2pd 20:00 PHI @ STL Murray Baron
Prims is run at at the end of a nasty period. Willams decides to stir it up and runs at whoever ran Prims. Out of the pile up, Prims and Baron come out and start throwing. Primeau gets started with about four or five lefts. Baron catches Prims with a short left and then throws a bunch of lefts, a few of which land. Primeau's then off-balance and it looked like Baron could have taken it to him if the linesmen hadn't stepped in. Other Penalties: Primeau received a roughing; Justin Williams a charging and roughing; Mike Danton a roughing.
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The team preceded by the @ symbol was the home team.