Derian Hatcher

2003-2004 Postseason Fight Card

Position: D
Birthdate: Jun 04, 1972
From: Sterling Heights, MI; USA
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 235lbs

NHL Fights: 1

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Apr 24, 2004 3pd 19:36 @ DET CAL Jarome Iginla
Iginla slashes Hatcher and they both agree to go. As they drop the gloves Commodore tries to come in but is grabbed by McCarty and they scrap as well. Iginla still has his visor on, and lands a few on Hatcher who is a little off-balance. Hatcher gets Iginla's shield off, and through a lot of grappling they both get a few shots in with each hand. Hatcher tries to use his reach, but Iginla does a good job of getting inside. Iginla gets one more punch in and throws Hatcher down, then throws another punch on the ice. Other Penalties: Hatcher received a high sticking.
Voted winner: Jarome Iginla (42.1%) - Voted rating: 6.5
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