Todd Harvey

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card

Position: RW
Birthdate: Feb 17, 1975
From: Hamilton, ON; Canada
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 195lbs

NHL Fights: 2

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Nov 11, 2002 2pd 14:01 @ SAN NYR Matt Barnaby
Todd Harvey is looking for someone to fight right off the faceoff and Barnaby looks willing as he's yapping away. Well, turns out Barnaby wants no part of this one and he lets Harvey swing away with eight or nine punches that may of landed before the linesmen stepped in. Barnaby kept his gloves on during this whole time. Other Penalties: Harvey received an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct. Matt Barnaby did not receive a fighting major.
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Mar 08, 2003 1pd 16:14 SAN @ PHO Brad May
May challenges Harvey off the faceoff and they drop the gloves. A lot of holding and grappling at first. May gets free and tries throwing some quick punches. They get twisted around and May throws a left which hits the side of Harvey's helmet and then another left which looked to land and Harvey falls to the ice.
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