Ron Hainsey

2005-2006 Regular Season Fight Card

Position: D
Birthdate: Mar 24, 1981
From: Bolton, CT; USA
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 200lbs

NHL Fights: 3

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Jan 11, 2006 2pd 16:51 @ CBJ PIT Colby Armstrong
Armstrong takes a run at Hainsey as Hainesy gives him an elbow in return before they drop the gloves. They wrestle along the boards until Hainsey gets free and throws three rights to the top of Armstrong's head. They come off the boards and wrestle some more as Armstrong briefly goes down to his knees and gets back up. Hainsey lands three more rights while Armstrong is bent over before Hainsey just pushes Armstrong to the ice and the linesmen come in. Other Penalties: Armstrong received an elbowing; Hainsey a roughing.
Voted winner: Ron Hainsey (97.7%) - Voted rating: 5.8
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Jan 11, 2006 3pd 13:51 @ CBJ PIT Lyle Odelein
As a scrum develops in front of the benches, Odelein grabs Hainsey and spins him to the ice. Hainsey gets back to his feet as Odelein throws three rights before Hainsey even has his gloves off. They wrestle around as Hainsey gets Odelein's jersey up and over his head. The linesmen intervene shortly after. Other Penalties: Odelein received an instigator and misconduct; Nikolai Zherdev an elbowing and holding; Sidney Crosby a holding.
Voted winner: Lyle Odelein (54.3%) - Voted rating: 3.6
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Mar 31, 2006 1pd 15:35 CBJ @ STL Mike Glumac
Glumac knocks Hainsey down in front of the Columbus net. Hainsey gets up and gives Glumac a shot in retaliation. The two shove some more before dropping the gloves. They wrestle around in tight before Glumac throws an uppercut that misses the target. Glumac then tears Hainsey's helmet off while Hainsey attempts a locked-out right. The two grapple some more with Glumac attempting two locked-out overhand rights before the linesmen step in.
Voted winner: Draw (72.9%) - Voted rating: 2.5
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AHL Fights: 1

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Oct 21, 2005 2pd 01:32 HAM @ TOR Ben Ondrus
Other penalties: Ondrus received a goaltender interference.
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