Alexandre Burrows

2006-2007 Regular Season Fight Card

Position: RW
Birthdate: Apr 11, 1981
From: Pincourt, QC; Canada
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190lbs

NHL Fights: 4

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Oct 23, 2006 2pd 06:33 VAN @ DAL Matt Barnaby
Burrows starts shoving Stephane Robidas in front of the Dallas net, eventually getting him bent over while the linesmen are trying to separate the two. Barnaby skates over and gets the sticks up with Burrows, yapping in his face. The linesmen try to break things up, but the two drop their gloves, remove their helmets, and skate out towards the blue line where they square off. Barnaby grabs ahold of Burrows and throws a long right while the two are spinning around. Burrows loses his balance and falls to the ice, throwing a right while he is going down. Burrows returns to his feet and throws six rights to the back of Barnaby's head. They grapple and exchange punches to the back and side of each other's head for an extended period of time. They finally open up and Barnaby throws a right while Burrows is going down to a knee. The linesmen quickly intervene and the fight is ended. Other Penalties: Each player received a roughing.
Voted winner: Matt Barnaby (77.4%) - Voted rating: 5.0
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Nov 23, 2006 2pd 12:47 VAN @ NAS Scott Nichol
Other Penalties: Burrows received an elbowing.
Voted winner: Scott Nichol (85.1%) - Voted rating: 6.2
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Dec 26, 2006 1pd 06:19 VAN @ CAL Byron Ritchie
This starts behind the play as both Ritchie and Burrows are going off the ice. They exchange a few shoves and then throw off the gloves. Burrows throws two quick rights and then they fall to the ice. The camera misses it, but the announcer says that Ritchie landed four shots while Burrows was on the ice. Other Penalties: Burrows received a roughing.
Voted winner: Draw (56.0%) - Voted rating: 2.8
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Feb 03, 2007 1pd 05:51 VAN @ CAL Byron Ritchie
Other Penalties: Ritchie received a roughing; Burrows a tripping; Jeff Cowan an unsportsmanlike conduct.
Voted winner: Byron Ritchie (97.9%) - Voted rating: 6.4
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