Cale Hulse

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card

Position: D
Birthdate: Nov 10, 1973
From: Edmonton, AB; Canada
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 215lbs

NHL Fights: 3

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Date Time For Against Opponent
Nov 10, 2002 3pd 12:53 NAS @ COL Greg de Vries
De Vries hits Hulse hard into the boards right after Hulse comes out of the box. Hulse is pissed and they go. At first it looked like de Vries was going to slap him, yes slap, then Hulse throws a right and de Vries comes back with quite a few, one actually stunning Hulse a bit. Hulse gets some good ones in and it's broken up.
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Date Time For Against Opponent
Dec 30, 2002 3pd 19:41 @ NAS OTT Mike Fisher
The Sens were pressing in the last minute, Nashville cleared the puck and Redden and Walker were in a footrace for it. Redden won the race, but Walker gave him a little shove and then everyone came in. Chara was after Walker, but they were just tangled up more then anything. The only real fight was Hulse and Fisher, and Hulse being much bigger controlled the fight. Gave Fisher a few good rights, then when Fisher got his jersey over his head, Hulse tagged him with a right that sent him down. Other Penalties: Wade Redden, Zdeno Chara, Rem Murray and Scott Walker each received a double roughing; Hulse received a roughing.
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Jan 11, 2003 2pd 18:24 @ NAS ARI Kelly Buchberger
This fight starts as the Nazarov-Buchberger-Hordichuk line is out on the ice. Naz skates about a half a shift, comes off and enter Mike Johnson. Johnson skates over to the side boards and grabs the puck, only to be met with a check from behind from Scott Hartnell. Everybody gathers in as Hordichuk is running around and facewashing everyone, and that includes Bill Houlder. Hulse sees this and goes after Hordi only to be met by Kelly Buchberger. Buchberger steps in front of Cale, pushes him backwards and they drop em. A fair squareoff, as everyone on the ice stops pushing and watches. Hulse makes the first move, jumping in and landing a right jab to Kelly's chin. Kelly then grabs on and the hold, with Hulse having a considerable height advantage. They grapple, try to find position and get set. Kelly misses a left cross and falls out of his recently gained position and Hulse lands a pretty nice right. That irks Kelly and he buries his head into Hulse and throws three rights and coming up short each time. To throw those rights, he had to let go of Cale's left. Big mistake. Cale brings up his left and lands a hard straight left to Buchberger's cheek. This was the best punch of the fight. Buchberger tries to hold on, but then Hulse takes him down. Other Penalties: Mike Johnson, Scorr Hartnell and Darcy Hordichuk received roughings.
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