Orr Continues to Puzzle Godard

| John Chandler

If there’s one fighter in the league that knows how to generate a winning game plan, it might be Eric Godard. Always one to put strategy to use, Godard has been known to be able to slay some seemingly unbeatable monsters in recent years – most notably Derek Boogaard and Steve MacIntyre.

However as it is with most fighters, many have a rival that always seems to get the best of them. In this case, it would be Colton Orr that has Godard’s number. Not just this season, but also prior to Godard’s move to Calgary and even during the 2004-05 season when the two clashed in the AHL.

Orr and Godard danced again on Monday night in New York, and it was Orr that pulled ahead and early and often with a never-ending barrage of punches that saw him out-throw and out-land Godard by a wide margin. However Orr’s continued success may have came with a price as he looked to have injured his hand during the final stages of the bout. No word as of yet on the extent of the potential injury.

According to BGL

In, unfortunately, his final blog post for Rogers Sportsnet, Habs’ enforcer Georges Laraque, a friend of the site, lays down who he believes are the toughest fighters in each conference – overall and pound-for-pound:

The toughest guy in the East is Donald Brashear, hands down. He’s the king and has been for years. Pound for pound the toughest guys are Riley Cote and Chris Neil.

And in the West, the toughest guy is Derek Boogaard and the toughest pound for pound is hands down Cam Janssen. When I’m mentioning pound-for-pound guys, I’ve always been impressed with those guys who weigh around 210 pounds and are fighting monsters and doing pretty well, winning their fair share of fights. Any close fight is a win for them since they’re giving inches and weight. Talking about pound-for-pound guys, Tie Domi was the ultimate pound-for-pound fighter in my time with great consideration to Darren Langdon. That guy was tough and didn’t care about the size of the other guy.

In other Laraque-related news, teammate Tom Kostopoulos has apparently asked him for some tips after dropping his first four fights this season.