NHL Fighting Majors Leaders

2002-2003 Preseason


As of Oct 6, 2002

Player Away Fights Home Fights Total Fights
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Landon Wilson 1 0 1
Tyler Wright 1 0 1
Nolan Yonkman 1 0 1
Dwayne Zinger 0 1 1

Fight totals can be sorted by clicking on the three headings. Note: if you click on away or home totals, players who have 0 fights for whichever setting you chose will not be shown. Example: you click on Away Fights, and Ian Laperriere has 4 home fights, but 0 away ones, he will not be listed.

The date shown is from the last game updated this season in the database. For all previous seasons, it is the date of the last game of the season.

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