Fantasy Fighting Championship Bracket: The Champ is Here

| nationdan

The champ is here. 

The new bracket takes shape, with the current fighter champion being crowned.

Round 4 Recap —

Bob Probert OVER Tie Domi

Here is what the bracket looks like now:

Previous Round 4 results:

Tie Domi OVER Zdeno Chara
Bob Probert OVER Milan Lucic

The Upcoming Current Fantasy Fighter Votes:

Play-In One

Darren Archibald
Zach Bogosian
Pavel Buchnevich
Kyle Clifford

Play-In Two

David Backes
Jared Boll
Dustin Byfuglien
Braydon Coburn

Play In Three

Jamie Benn
Lance Bouma
Zdeno Chara
Ian Cole

Play In Four

Jordie Benn
Johnny Boychuk
Alex Chaisson
Blake Coleman


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