Edmonton Oilers at Boston Bruins

Nov 07, 1996

Oilers win 6-0


Time Away Home
2pd 19:07 Kelly Buchberger (EDM) Rick Tocchet (BOS)
Comments: Other Penalties: Buchberger received a game misconduct.
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Time Away Home
3pd 12:12 Mike Grier (EDM) Kyle McLaren (BOS)
Comments: They drop the gloves at the blue line. McLaren removes his helmet during the square off. McLaren makes the first move and grabs on first. He throws two lefts. The first is a solid shot, the second one comes up short as Grier tries to answer with a left that doesn't land. McLaren throws another left that lands well. Grier tries to answer with a left, but it hits McLaren's left shoulder. McLaren starts pushing Grier towards the B's bench and tries another left that grazes Grier's helmet. They tie up in front of the B's bench and the linesmen come in and stop the fight. Grier has blood coming from multiple cuts.
Voted winner: Kyle McLaren (96.6%) - Voted rating: 5.4
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