New Jersey Devils at Carolina Hurricanes

Mar 12, 1998

Devils win 2-0


Time Away Home
1pd 11:20 Krzysztof Oliwa (NJD) Stu Grimson (CAR)
Comments: Long square off, about ten seconds. Oliwa grabs in and rips off five rights, landing two of them, before Grimson has his balance. Oliwa tries three more quick right and lands one. Grimson fires away with five right hand shots to the back of the head and landed three of them. They grapple and Grimson misses with two wild rights. Grimson fires with a three-punch combo with an uppercut between straight rights that stuns Oliwa. Oliwa is hunched over and Stu pulls him down and tries an overhand right to the helmet. They quickly get up. Grimson then wrestles him to the ice and Stu throws two punches over Oliwa, one lands square. Oliwa gets back up and Stu throws five rights with only the last punch landing causing Oliwa's head to snap a bit. Stu tries a wild left and Oliwa tries a wild right. Both miss and they grapple again. Some spinning around and half-punches thrown, but nothing much comes of that. As Grimson is trying to get his right hand free of his jersey Oliwa lands a nice left and glances another. Grimson tries to muscle Oliwa and throws five more punches, but none land. Oliwa then gets Grimson along the boards and the linesmen step in.
Voted winner: Stu Grimson (83.9%) - Voted rating: 7.8
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Time Away Home
2pd 10:06 Lyle Odelein (NJD) Kevin Dineen (CAR)
Comments: Other Penalties: Dineen received a boarding.
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