Minnesota Wild at Columbus Blue Jackets

Mar 24, 2004

Jackets win 2-0


Time Away Home
2pd 06:01 Alex Henry (MIN) Jody Shelley (CBJ)
Comments: At the end of the play someone gives Richardson a little shove in front of the Blue Jackets net. Players come together along the boards and Henry grabs a hold of a Jacket so over comes Shelley. Shelley drops the gloves and pops Henry with a big right smack in the eye. Down goes Henry, gloves still on. The announcers mentioned Henry was bleeding, but it was not shown. Other Penalties: Shelley received a roughing, misconduct and game misconduct; Stephane Veilleux a roughing. Alex Henry did not receive a fighting major.
Voted winner: Jody Shelley (75.0%) - Voted rating: 3.7
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Time Away Home
2pd 13:39 Jason Wiemer (MIN) David Ling (CBJ)
Comments: Ling lays one of the best hits of this year on a Wild player, and in comes Wiemer to challenge. Ling connects with a big left across the jaw and then Wiemer gets Ling's jersey over his head and Ling slips down to the ice. Wiemer holds on and starts throwing rights, with about three landing to the back of Ling's jersey-covered head. Other Penalties: Wiemer received an instigator and misconduct.
Voted winner: Jason Wiemer (92.9%) - Voted rating: 5.1
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