Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets

Mar 06, 2004

Nucks win 4-0


Time Away Home
1pd 09:31 Wade Brookbank (VAN) Jody Shelley (CBJ)
Comments: These two guys drop the gloves behind the play. After a square off they grab on and start tossing haymakers. Brookbank connects early with a good shot that looks to cut Shelley. Shelley comes back with a couple of good shots of his own, knocking Brookbank off-balance and dropping him to his knees. Brookbank gets back up and they both throw a few more punches.
Voted winner: Jody Shelley (58.8%) - Voted rating: 7.3
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Time Away Home
2pd 02:12 Wade Brookbank (VAN) Jody Shelley (CBJ)
Comments: Shelley hears Brookbank yell something at him and the gloves fly. Shelley lands an initial bomb, but Brookbank gets off about 6-8 rights. Shelley straightens himself up and gets in about 2-3 shots, one stunning Brookbank, before they tie each other up by the bench and the refs come in.
Voted winner: Wade Brookbank (65.0%) - Voted rating: 7.0
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