Pittsburgh Penguins at Calgary Flames

Dec 07, 2003

Flames win 6-1


Time Away Home
2pd 06:06 Matt Bradley (PIT) Steve Montador (CAL)
Comments: They drop them in the Flames zone and Bradley throws about 5 or 6 rights missing badly, then pops Montador with a solid right to the side of the head. He then continues to miss a right, and throws an uppercut while Montador misses a blind left. Montador lands a nothing left to Bradley's throat. Bradley brings an awkard right down on the back of Montador's head. Bradley has Montador's jersey and is pulling Montador down and into him.Bradley misses an uppercut, then a right to the back of Montador's neck. Montador throws two blind lefts that miss and Bradley tosses him on his head.
Voted winner: Matt Bradley (89.5%) - Voted rating: 3.8
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