Florida Panthers at Pittsburgh Penguins

Nov 15, 2003

Cats win 3-2


Time Away Home
2pd 07:58 Kyle Rossiter (FLA) Tom Kostopoulos (PIT)
Comments: They drop the gloves immediately after the faceoff. Rossiter starts things off with two rights to the back of Kostopoulos' head as Kostopoulos returns fire with two rights of his own. Rossiter switches to the left as both fire punches that miss. Kostopoulos throws three more rights as Rossiter throws a right while trying to fend off Kostopoulous' rights. Kostopoulos goes down to a knee for a moment, allowing Rossiter to gain control and throw two rights while Kostopoulos is trying to right himself. Rossiter throws a few body shots as Kostopoulos throws a few rights. They exchange right hands again before Kostopoulos wrestles Rossiter to the ice.
Voted winner: Draw (54.5%) - Voted rating: 5.9
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