Ottawa Senators at Atlanta Thrashers

Nov 11, 2003

Sens win 5-3


Time Away Home
2pd 13:05 Chris Neil (OTT) Garnet Exelby (ATL)
Comments: Neil landed at least four or five solid shots right on Exelby's face, a couple of good uppercuts as well, and got in a few other helmet shots. Exelby managed to get Neil's helmet off, but not much else. He may have had one shot land cleanly. Exelby went down and they fell to the ice, with Neil on top.
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Time Away Home
3pd 19:17 Zdeno Chara (OTT) Francis Lessard (ATL)
Comments: Lessard is out at the end of the game and goes straight for Chara. Chara decides to go as he has little choice. He starts with three big rights that cut open Lessard. Lessard finally gains some composure and responds with a couple of good lefts. Chara went down in a non-TKO style.
Voted winner: Francis Lessard (60.0%) - Voted rating: 7.4
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