Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks

Nov 08, 2003

Nucks win 4-3


Time Away Home
1pd 06:29 Brad Brown (MIN) Brad May (VAN)
Comments: Brown and May had been yapping at each other in an earlier shift. Good, long squareoff at center ice and when they finally come together they each go to throw a right and Brown hits May with one across the chin and May stumbles to the ice.
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Time Away Home
1pd 15:03 Brad Brown (MIN) Brad May (VAN)
Comments: They squareoff again. Brown gets them tied up, then they start to throw, both landing punches. Brown hits May and puts him to a knee, but May comes back and switches hands and hits him with a few, knocking Brown's helmet off. They both start throwing again until they grapple, tire out, and the linesmen come in.
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Time Away Home
2pd 14:37 Matt Johnson (MIN) Bryan Allen (VAN)
Comments: They drop the gloves in front of Cloutier. Johnson throws a few rights while they do a 360. Allen's got no balance and goes down quickly.
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Time Away Home
3pd 13:32 Sergei Zholtok (MIN) Jarkko Ruutu (VAN)
Comments: Behind the play, after a hit, Ruutu and Zholtok get together. Ruutu drops his gloves and Sergei eventually follows. Rutuu gets in some early rights, then both players tie up. Ruutu throws a few right jabs, then Zholtok's back gets turned and Rutuu throws some lefts.
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