Dallas Stars at New York Rangers

Nov 04, 2003

Blueshirts win 3-0


Time Away Home
2pd 00:07 Steve Ott (DAL) Matt Barnaby (NYR)
Comments: They have some words before the puck is dropped to start the second period and have to be seperated by the ref. After the puck is dropped they follow each other off the faceoff and Ott drops the gloves. Barnaby waits to drop em, does after two seconds, and away we go. They both exchange a couple of soft punches and then Ott pounds Barnaby with two rights and as a result, Barnaby finds himself pinned to the boards. Then, Ott pulls the front of Barnaby's jersey over his head and Barnaby has the jersey over his head for the majority of the fight. Barnaby manages to get out of the pin and they continue to grapple for five seconds or so before Barnaby gets a left free and gets in a couple of shots. He then pushes the jersey over his head and Ott shakes off an elbow pad and Ott throws two good lefts and Barnaby two good rights and they go down with Barnaby on top.
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