Columbus Blue Jackets at Calgary Flames

Nov 01, 2003

Flames win 3-0


Time Away Home
1pd 06:10 Jody Shelley (CBJ) Krzysztof Oliwa (CAL)
Comments: Shelley finishes a check on Oliwa along the side boards. Oliwa, gives Shelley a couple of cross checks to the back. They skate toe to toe, Oliwa drops the mitts. Shelley waits, then finally drops them himself. Oliwa instantly lands two square rights to the cheek/eye. A couple of wild swings from Shelley, neither seem to connect or cause any damage. They wrestle around for a bit and the linesmen step in. Shelley has a large cut under his eye, decent amount of blood. Other Penalties: Oliwa received a cross checking and roughing.
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Time Away Home
2pd 09:09 Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre (CBJ) Krzysztof Oliwa (CAL)
Comments: Pretty short and nothing damaging. Big punches thrown, none landed. Grand-Pierre ended up on top and was still wanting to go, but the linesmen jumped in.
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