St. Louis Blues at Nashville Predators

Oct 16, 2003

Preds win 4-1


Time Away Home
1pd 09:31 Reed Low (STL) Wade Brookbank (NAS)
Comments: Right when the puck is dropped they go. No circling as it starts in close. Brookbank starts with a few lefts as Low tries to get in position. A lot of grappling and then Low gets inside and throws a quick left uppercut, followed by a straight left. He continues this with little success as they are still in close. Both exchange more lefts with Brookbank getting in a few good ones as does Low, though with little power. Finally Brookbank is done, but Low throws a few more weak lefts, connecting on a couple.
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Time Away Home
2pd 02:19 Mike Danton (STL) Jordin Tootoo (NAS)
Comments: When the camera gets there they are at center ice and they have both removed their helmets. They shadowbox a while then Tootoo lunges in. Tootoo tries to throw with the left, but he's locked out. They spin a little and Danton throws a wild right that misses, but the momentum takes Danton to his knees. When he gets up, he has Tootoo's jersey over his head. Tootoo fires two blind lefts that hit Danton's shoulder, then Danton tries two lefts of his own that come up short. Tootoo gets his head out of his jersey and throws a right that hits Danton's shoulder. They wrestle for position and Danton throws two rights. The first comes up short and the second grazes Tootoo's forehead. Tootoo then throws two rights of his own with the first hitting Danton's shoulder and the second being a wild haymaker that catches nothing but air. The momentum takes Tootoo to the ice and Danton throws a left to the back of Tootoo's head while he's down. The linesman come in, and while their trying to break them up, Tootoo lands a good shot to Danton's forehead. Very spirited scrap, but not much landing.
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