St. Louis Blues at Columbus Blue Jackets

Oct 03, 2003

Blues win 3-2


Time Away Home
2pd 03:21 Reed Low (STL) Jody Shelley (CBJ)
Comments: Low comes up to Shelley from behind, shoves him, the gloves come off. Low lands two quick shots before Shelley gets turned around. Not sucker punches, just quicker on the draw. No faceoff, they just start throwing 'em. Lots of action, brief hug, more punches thrown. Shelley lands a few while Low tries to get rid of his elbow pad. Low's jersey comes off. A couple of big rights from Shelley, Low holds on, refs come in. Both guys go to box exhausted and bloody. Low comes back to bench, still hasn't put jersey back on. Low had big cut under right eye. Couldn't see where Jody was cut, but he was bleeding, too. Overall, good heavyweight fight.
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