St. Louis Blues at Dallas Stars

Sep 23, 2003

Stars win 5-0


Time Away Home
1pd 03:13 Steve McLaren (STL) Mike Sgroi (DAL)
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Time Away Home
3pd 15:12 D.J. King (STL) John Erskine (DAL)
Comments: A few minutes before, these two served coincidental roughings. Radio: Started with King throwing a huge right that had Erksine just trying to hold on, and he does, while getting in close. They both trade a few rights while King tries to get some distance, then King throws another big right and that is it.
Voted winner: D.J. King (91.7%) - Voted rating: 6.6
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Time Away Home
3pd 19:05 Aris Brimanis (STL) Steve Gainey (DAL)
Comments: Radio: Sounded like a big hug-fest as they danced around. Fight started when Mayers tried to get after Morrow or DiMiao then Ott came in and knocked off Mayers helmet. Other Penalties: Jamal Mayers received a roughing and misconduct; Steve Ott a roughing.
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