Calgary Flames at Columbus Blue Jackets

Dec 19, 2002

Jackets win 3-0


Time Away Home
2pd 14:42 Craig Berube (CAL) Jody Shelley (CBJ)
Comments: Berube goes after Shelley to get a little payback from Shelley runnin' the Flames net minder. Shelley nails Berube with a right straight outta the gate and from there the bombs were flying. Good shots landed by both. They both get in close and tie each other up. Linesmen come in. Berube had a cut over his eye and left the ice. Other Penalties: Berube received a roughing.
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Time Away Home
3pd 05:53 Scott Nichol (CAL) Duvie Westcott (CBJ)
Comments: Nichol throws a few to start and then Westcott takes over, wailing away.
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