Toronto Maple Leafs at Philadelphia Flyers

Dec 12, 2002

Flyers win 2-1


Time Away Home
1pd 09:52 Darcy Tucker (TOR) Jeremy Roenick (PHI)
Comments: Roenick goes to Tucker as he is going off the ice and gives him a shot. Darcy stops and gets in Roenick's face and throws down. Roenick agrees and they grab on. Both are holding on, then Roenick and Darcy both throw one punch at the same time and Darcy hits him on the chin. Off balance to begin with, the punch sends Roenick down.
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Time Away Home
3pd 17:28 Tie Domi (TOR) Todd Fedoruk (PHI)
Comments: Fridge pokes Domi from behind and they lock up in tight. They get loose a bit and start a pretty good fight. Domi lands a spinning left. Todd is trying to stop the spinoramma move. He tries a right and misses. He switches to left and lands two solid lefts. Domi counters with a solid left. Fridge gets in a good right. Domi then lands a right and takes Todd down.
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