Columbus Blue Jackets at New York Islanders

Nov 29, 2002

Jackets win 4-2


Time Away Home
1pd 06:52 Jody Shelley (CBJ) Eric Cairns (NYI)
Comments: Cairns comes out in the Isles zone, where Shelley is lined up and moves to Shelley's wing. You can see/sense this a mile away. They drop the gloves have a nice square-off, Jody Shelley moves in first, grabs Cairns with the left and then Cairns grabs on. They now have their right hands cocked back, but start off with the jersey-lefts. Cairns then starts to throw right hands and Shelley answers back, but Cairns lands a clean shot to Shelley's face. They offer 1-2 more rights, Shelley stops punching, is bent over, the refs move in and you can see that Jody Shelley is pissed off. He is bloodied and goes straight to the lockerroom for repairs.
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Time Away Home
1pd 13:40 Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre (CBJ) Jason Wiemer (NYI)
Comments: They are locked up and throwing/spinning with rights, Grand-Pierre lands a few to the face, Wiemer answers back with a right of his own. Then they're just tied up. Wiemer looks to be slightly cut on his nose.
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