Los Angeles Kings at Minnesota Wild

Jan 30, 2002

Kings win 2-0


Time Away Home
1pd 07:36 Ryan Flinn (LOS) Matt Johnson (MIN)
Comments: Not much, Flinn and Johnson both try and unload, and it looked like Flinn landed the only punches, but only to the back of the head. There was one point where they both threw huge haymakers. Flinn's missed, but Johnson's missed as well.
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Time Away Home
1pd 18:57 Ian Laperriere (LOS) Sylvain Blouin (MIN)
Comments: They drop the gloves, but get broken up. 2 minutes for each. Then they come out of the box and drop 'em again, Lappy is trying to throw them the whole fight, he may have hit Blouin with one or two to the side of the head/helmet area. Blouin had him locked out real good, Lappy wanted to go toe to toe, but Blouin didnt. Blouin then gets Lappy spinned around, and throws 2 to the back of Lappy's helemt. Then they go down.
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