Edmonton Oilers at Colorado Avalanche

Nov 24, 2001

Avs win 2-0


Time Away Home
1pd 07:05 Ethan Moreau (EDM) Rick Berry (COL)
Comments: They square off at center and come together. Berry throws and misses. Then lands one good right that puts an off balance Moreau down. Berry throws a couple of more not sure if they connected. Moreau did throw a couple of punches but missed.
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Time Away Home
2pd 17:39 Georges Laraque (EDM) Scott Parker (COL)
Comments: Scrum in front of the Oilers net. Parker and Laraque get by themselves and start talking. A linesman comes in and asks them if they are going to go. Parker shakes the glove and Laraque agrees. The linesman backs off and the drop the gloves. Mostly wrestling. Few short punches to the side of the head by each man. After a bit, the linesman come in. Parker and Laraque talk a bit more and then go to the box.
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