Calgary Flames at Washington Capitals

Mar 12, 2008

Caps win 3-2


Time Away Home
1pd 16:17 Eric Godard (CAL) John Erskine (WAS)
Comments: Mike Green hits Dustin Boyd hard into the boards and Godard returns the favor by sending Green into the wall. Brooks Laich grabs Godard but quickly lets go once Erskine skates over. Godard and Erskine drop the gloves and tie each other up. They exchange a couple of early fights. Erskine throws two rights to the back of Godard's helmet before landing a pair of jersey-jabs. Erskine throws a short right followed by another that misses the target. They simultaneously throw rights and Godard connects with a shot that stuns Erskine. Godard then lands three unanswered rights before Erskine falls to the ice. Godard follows him down and the linesmen are there to break things up.
Voted winner: Eric Godard (96.7%) - Voted rating: 6.7
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