Dallas Stars at Colorado Avalanche

Sep 19, 2006

Avs win 4-1


Time Away Home
2pd 06:59 Steve Ott (DAL) Mitch Love (COL)
Comments: Love checks Ott into the boards and Ott takes exception, shoving Love a couple of times before the two decide to drop the gloves. They grab ahold of one another and Love throws a right over the top that misses to start the festivities. Ott misses with a big right hook and they then exchange rights to the side of each other's head. Love throws an uppercut and two rights, one of which sends Ott's helmet flying. Ott fires back with a right and they spend the remainder of the fight exchanging a few lefts and rights until they tire out and wait for the linesmen to come in.
Voted winner: Mitch Love (50.0%) - Voted rating: 6.4
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