Dallas Stars at Montreal Canadiens

Dec 01, 1999

Stars win 3-2


Time Away Home
1pd 07:30 Brad Lukowich (DAL) Arron Asham (MON)
Comments: Asham and Lukowich drop them and grab a hold of one another. Lukowich comes up short with two punches. Asham responds with one, but Lukowich ducks it. Asham holds him at arms-length and lands two shots as Lukowich tries for one of his own, but misses. Asham pops Lukowich square in the nose again, this time causing some blood. Asham then lands another one. Lukowich seems frustrated that he's out of reach as Asham lands one more. They exchange punches that don't seem to connect, and with that they hold on until the linesman come in.
Voted winner: Arron Asham (94.6%) - Voted rating: 6.2
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